Product details

Basic features of SkateTrek:

  • SkateTrek skating treadmill
  • Special FlexiPlate skating surface
  • Touch-screen LCD control panel. Following controls are available by default: Speed and inclination of the skating surface, engine start and stop. The manual emergency stop button is located next to the LCD screen
  • Security harness and overhead rope
  • Security tube-frame construction with automatic stop function. The harness has to be attached to the overhead sensor with the rope.
  • Switch-box for the electric equipment
  • Platform with stairs for easy access to the skating surface (80cm from ground level). The size and type of the platform may vary depending on the location of the installation
  • Handrails around the treadmill, horizontal security bar with adjustable height
  • Polyethylene housing

Security features:

  • Manual emergency stop button
  • Security sit harness
  • Automatic stop feature(harness has to be attached)
  • Horizontal security bar with adjustable height
  • FlexiPlate skating surface technology

Technical specification:

~950 kg
Speed of skating surface:
0 - 28 km/h
Inclination of skating surface:
0 - 10 degrees
Size of skating surface:
2m x 2m
Power supply:
240/400V, 50Hz
Engine power:
5.5 kW / 7.5 HP
Material of the skating surface:
Special polyethylene, antistatic plates.
No. of plates:

Optional features:
  • Engineering of the platform for individual needs (variations is size and form).
  • Programming of the control panel, expand functionalities and memory size
  • Remote control