SkateTrek skating treadmill...
and the most advanced ice hockey training method
is now available to you

The most decisive values of a successful ice hockey player are assertive skating, perfect technique, unique style, pure force and maximum speed. Training with a „skating treadmill” further develops these values. Training on a skating treadmill is a widespread method overseas, but barely available in Europe. We have discovered the lack and demand of this equipment and have developed the SkateTrek skating treadmill.

The skating surface of the device
is made of special-crafted
polyethylene plates, which results
in a gliding experience that matches
the gliding of the skate on normal ice.
To reach the desired training
intensity, the speed and inclination
of the surface are fully variable.
Benefits of SkateTrek:
  • The perfect skating movement and posture, furthermore the powerskating sideway-strides are easily attainable by means of adequate coaching instructions.
  • Training on the SkateTrek is the most appropriate method to develop and perfect the complex skating movement, since the skating movement on the device matches the skating movement performed on the ice. The desired training intensity can be reached by varying the speed and inclination of the surface.
  • SkateTrek is independent from weather, even from ice rinks. It can be assembled and used in any indoor room with a decent floorspace (Gyms, training centers, etc.).
We recommend SkateTrek for:
  • Ice rinks, teams, clubs, gyms
  • Junior players: The young players learn the proper skating technique right from the beginning; the result will be unbeatable skating power and technique in the upcoming years.
  • Professional players: The special off-ice training methods are indespensable in the preparation for the season. SkateTrek is the perfect companion for developing explosiveness, balance, strides, crossovers and acceleration.
  • Amateur players: The amateur players can attain the correct skating technique easily, and with regular training, in a timely manner.
  • Inactive players: Maintaining endurance and strength may be essential for inactive players. SkateTrek is the perfect companion.

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